Lucy’s Adventure In Cloud Land

Chayank Kausik, Class 6, Bishop Cotton Boys’ School, Bengaluru

July, 2023

Last time, Lucy helped the elf men defeat the soul crushers and gave freedom the elves.

After she returned, she narrated the whole story to her mom. (of course, her mom didn’t believe her.) Lucy often kept wondering how to go back to cloud land, and meet the elves one last time.

Then, one day- Lucy was going through her closet (she thought it was the best thing to do since her mom and her brother went shopping) then she found a yellow piece of parchment with a quirky design on the outside and some weird writings on the inside.

Lucy tried to read them out, but just then, a binding light struck before her eyes and her house started to float.
Lucy was astounded to see her house float again, she thought that her house would go back to cloudland.

Just then, her house approached a storm, but this time she couldn’t jump out, because the door was locked, from the outside.

The Miracle- Lucy’s house was trembling, and the storm was getting worse. Suddenly her house was slowly reducing altitude, and the sky was starting to get clearer. Then she saw it, dogs made out of clouds, dragons and castles, and most especially, the elves.
After some time the house landed and the elves greeted her warmly. She saw someone, a young elf, dressed in royal attire, with golden hair, and looked quite like a king.
King Theo- “Hello! I am king Theo, welcome to cloud land, I rule the cloud lands and I am the richest king in the world! (He started to show off.) I belong to the tall castle over there,(He pointed to a large castle.) and humans are prohibited!
Lucy- “But I have been here before, chief Bongo welcomed me!”
Everyone took a moment of silence.
King Theo- “I don’t care! you are going to the dungeons!”

Meeting old friends-
Lucy was escorted to the dungeons, where she met her old elf friends. One of them said- Elf-Man- “Chief Bongo was kicked out of cloud land ages ago, Cloud town is just a tiny part of the entire kingdom. One day, after you left, King Theo attacked, threw chief bongo out of the border, and started to rule this place. A few of my friends and I have been trying to escape but nothing has worked.

Lucy-“It’s okay, this whole place is made out of clouds, I can break this cage pretty easily.

Lucy broke the cage and freed herself and the elves, then in plain sight, headed out in search of chief Bongo.

As the dawn breaks, Lucy and her elf friends headed out across the border of cloud land to find chief Bongo. It was hard to get past the guards but, they finally made it. It was a windy place. Full of ice, clouds, and dust, the clouds were a little soggy, and there was thunder and lightning everywhere. But, the weird part was that the thunder and lightning were above the clouds, not below.
Lucy-“What is this place?”

Elf man- “The most horrible, cold and terrible, devilish place in the cloud lands”
Then they saw chief Bongo, he was looking very weak, his beard had grown and he wore tattered clothes.

The wicked witch-
After meeting up with chief Bongo, Lucy and the elves headed still further, to restore the throne and kick king Theo out of cloud land. On the way, Lucy spotted a large brick castle, with a beam of light passing through it. Chief Bongo warned Lucy not to go into the castle as it belonged to the wicked witch. The same witch who created the soul crushers that wanted to eat us.

Lucy-“But why did she want to take over cloud land?”
Chief Bongo-“Because,(He said in a nervous tone) she was the chief of cloud land before I, she was thrown out of cloud land because we had lost a war and we were in ruins, it was because of her, so we threw her out. Since then she has been wanting to take over cloud land.”

Lucy- “Then she would be the perfect person to defeat king Theo.”
All the elves and chief Bongo were very terrified to enter the castle, so Lucy entered the castle herself. As Lucy entered the castle, a very deep and broken voice said-
Wicked Witch-“Who dares to enter the castle of the wicked?”
Lucy-“I have a deal, I know that you want to take over cloud land, so I have a plan. If you defeat king Theo, then I will let you take your revenge.”
Wicked Witch-” Why should I trust a human?”
Lucy-“Because I never break a promise!”

The Plan- After that conversation, Lucy and the wicked witch, came out and started discussing the plan with all the elves and chief Bongo. After three days the elves, the wicked witch, and Lucy arrived at the tip of the border. As the elves created the distraction, Lucy and the wicked witch slipped past the border and entered the cloud lands.

Then the wicked witch cast her spell and, it started to get dark. The elves slipped past the guards and started looking for king Theo. They saw him giving a speech to the people of cloud land. But, it was all a trap, king Theo sent an entire army of elves to capture Lucy and the wicked witch, then thunder struck, and the witch had gone mad! Lucy jumped on the cloud dragon and it started to fly, destroying everything in its path, even king Theo’s castle. Then the king finally gave up and said- King Theo- “I give up (He said stuttering) you can have it all, just leave my part of the kingdom alone! I promise to give up on cloud town.
Lucy- “Okay then, but only on one condition, you have to never set eyes on this part of cloud land ever again.”
King Theo-“I agree (he said in a very disappointed voice).

The ending- Lucy once again freed the elves from the clutches of evil and restored the throne, Bongo became chief again, and the witch was sent to prison for the destruction of public property. As for Lucy, she returned home, and everything became normal again as if it never happened. She even remembered to keep the parchment with her so if she wanted to go back, all she had to do, was to read the spell.

The End…for now

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