Attitude is Everything

Rajvi Patel, Class 7, Heritage Girls School, Hoshangabad

Many years ago there was a man whose name was Charlie. He was 15 years old and was born in a very poor family ,living alone with his mother. He was born as a talented person for his mother. But at very young age he started selling newspapers in the street to earn some money. Everyday in the morning he meet with his companions. They were also poor but had no talents, just wandering from one place to another and always smuggling. After Charlie met them, he became ignorant and greedy person after some days. When his mother noticed him, she told him his mistake of being with wrong companions.

Next day Charlie noticed what was wrong they were doing. Then he get to know that those companions were not only smugglers but also thieves. Charlie realized the mistake but couldn’t get away from them. When he used to go to every household in the city to sell the newspapers, he get to know the passion of different people. After some of the days he again went to the same place where his companions were smuggling. Charlie was attracting and grasping the wrong habits he stayed with his wrong companions. One of the, he was in the policeman’s eye and was jailed in the case of smuggling. When his mother was informed that his son is in the prison, she was very disheartened.

Now Charlie has got in a lot of trouble which he had never thought of in his life. He had never been in prison before. But now suddenly! why ? His mother and off course he himself was worried because now it was difficult to earn money specially his mother when she ha no one to live with. Suddenly something happened! and he started changing his attitude and thoughts. Then he began to master himself in every field. But in the prison the only thing to do read books and get inspired and get educated from to get job. Charlie began to read the books present in the prison library. He was inspired, motivated and intrigued after reading some inspirational books to reach to the success. He had faith and hope within his soul. Charlie slowly started changing his attitude from negative to positive. The books which he read provided him guidance and help to him.

When he was at the age of 73 years, he suddenly get to know that he will be out of the prison in 3 months and got a good salary job. This was all because of change in his attitude and behaviour. He already had a little knowledge about electricity so he read those books on electricity. At the end of three months because he continued to study and act with positive attitude he could succeed in life and was able to tackle all the consequences to reach to his goal in his life. Then after he was able to earn a large amount of money, he left selling the newspapers and started a large buissness companies with other teams. Now, his mother was very happy to see him in a positive track.

Moral : We should always face the consequences in our life and continue to change the attitude from negative to positive because attitude is everything.


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