Autobiography of a Leaf

Arshita Jaiswal, Class 8, N.L.K’s Wendy School, Kanpur

I am a leaf who was born on a huge beautiful maple tree, in Florida in Central Park. There I had lots of friends. I was born in the season spring where the flowers were blooming and everything was perfect.

So now it was summer, where it was so sunny and hot. I knew that plants need sun and water and in summer there is a lot of sunshine. If plants get too much sunshine they may succumb! And I don’t want to perish so early! Luckily, my owner had a huge garden and she had lots of trees and plants in there.

In autumn, my leaves turned to yellowish orange with some shades of red. I would really loved to have this color since my elder ones in my family have the same color too.

Then comes winter, many of my brothers and sisters fell of my tree and even died. Now, it’s my time also, I think it’s end of my life, I can’t survive much col, so it’s time to say goodbye….


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