Dreamy Time Travel

Niyati, Class 9, Dyal Singh Public School, Sector-7, Karnal, Haryana

One day, you were going to the bus station that had 2 floors, but you were taken to the 3rd floor and when you came out of the elevator, you saw the newspaper seller selling copies of the date 20 October, 1995. You were amazed and scared as everything around you was changed and you couldn’t believe that you have travelled back in time. You were so shocked that you stood still as a statue for about 10 minutes. You were unable to figure out anything. To confirm what year was going on, you asked some passersby, but the reply was that its 1995. You checked for the elevator, whether, it was still there or not and fortunately it was still there. You thought to return back in 2023 but you couldn’t miss the opportunity to see how the world looked like in 1995 and wanted to know about the people’s lifestyles. So, out of curiosity, you moved out of the bus station and started exploring the world around you.

The thing which amazed you was the traditional clothes that people were wearing. At that time, there was a trend of wearing traditional clothes which you really liked. Another thing which fascinated you was the landline phone which used to be used at that time. You were amazed to see that no Smartphones existed at that time. A very few people had mobile phones with keypad but that too was not common. After exploring and travelling for about an hour, you were bored.

So you had an idea in your mind to investigate about your family, how they looked like, how your house looked like and moreover you had a keen desire to have a glimpse of your dad’s childhood. So without wasting a single minute of yours, you headed to see your dad.

After wondering for about half an hour, you finally found the house which you were looking for. It was a great experience seeing your dad as a child of your age. He looked very much similar to your brother. Your dad was being scolded by your grandpa for not doing his homework timely. You were having a great time watching your dad being scolded just like you are scolded by him.

Suddenly, someone shouted “Wake up!! Wake up!! Its time to go to school.” And finally, you came to know that it was a dream and you are in 2023 right now. You found the dream so interesting and fascinating that you couldn’t wait to entertain your friends by narrating them the whole story. So you quickly got ready and headed to the school. You explained the whole incident to your friends. They couldn’t stop laughing after listening to the whole incident.


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