March 26, 2023

Earth: The Dying Beauty

Rudra Patel, Class 6, S. N. Kansagara School, Rajkot

Earth… The blue marble, so big that we are almost the microbes on it. It had revolting histories of fights, destruction and ‘Creation’. This is home to more than 10 million species, all special, but we’ve only discovered about 1.7 million of these species. But before we discover them all, our planet is dying. You might be sitting under A.C.s while reading this, they are causing the death, the petrol and diesel cars, they are causing the death, today most of our inventions are causing it to die. This is causing global warming, more and more heatwaves, extinction of animals, breaking of food chains, and much more.

The main cause : Global Warming. The planet has changed drastically since the 1990’s. This period is when “that” appeared. The thing which could destroy the place, ice, animals, etc. this was the ‘Ozone hole’. It grew and grew until, the COVID-19 epidemic. The global lockdown for 3 years. Many died, many cried and all of you reading this survived. But, our special planet lived and is now dying. The lockdown helped recover the ozone hole at Antarctica and is fixed but it may open again if the pollution is continued. Antarctica’s ice reflects most of the radiation of Sun, cools the planet, reduces the intensity of heat, etc. So a Earth without Antarctica, is a Earth that’s haunted. We must stop global warming and pollution as much as we can.

Antarctica was just 1 example but there are many more countless things occurring, Let’s unite and stop people from killing our planet. Stop the food waste, use of petrol and diesel cars, use of A.C.s or anything that pollutes. I have started the chain by not using the A.C. and adjusting to the environment even in Summers. Now it’s your turn because “Small changes create big differences”.



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