Vizzmaya Jalal, Class 6, St. Francis ICSE School, Mumbai

Do we want to wipe ourselves with mineral oil towels
Instead of bathing in fresh clean water?
When will we stop disrobing Mother Earth like Queen Draupadi
To make her look and feel hotter?
While she cries out to us and mourns for her other offsprings
And burns like Joan of Arc everyday due to our selfish wrongdoings;
Already tormented by us, she is expected bear more torture and give
Agni-Pariksha like her daughter, Devi Sita who was given a prisoner’s life to live.
Trees being cut down to make expensive demonic kingdoms,
Nature being slaughtered to entertain our never-ending tantrums,
Just so that we can evolve into a highly advanced species quickly,
Looking for another planet to mother us, ironically.
Coral reefs being bleached by our hidden pollution trick;
Marine creatures choking on waste and plastic,
As we mask and paint our ungrateful faces
With fake environmental love during our secret money chases.
During our superficial speeches to clean up pollution,
We provoke Mother Earth to discipline us with every destructive solution;
Her mind swings like a pendulum everyday
Between her love for us and her other children that we slay.
Innocent animals are being punished for our every crime;
We fill the hand that feeds us with dirt and grime;
We poison the water that we drink to stay alive
And pollute the air we breath to survive.
She has heard us say this point enough as if it’s charity
To save her from being destroyed is our priority;
While some of us work on it sincerely too,
Most just stick their carbon footprints on her face with glue.
An eco-warrior with half knowledge is dangerous;
Research and educate yourself and the masses;
Ignorance is as big a culprit as greed;
It’s high time to fight the ‘Climate Change’ battle, indeed.
Let’s feel the gratitude and evaluate our rights and wrongs;
Motivate others with appropriate actions, incentives, write-ups and songs;
We can reverse environmental damage safely and slowly,
If we sweep the vices in our minds and our planet to become holy.
Let’s put an end to this global warming issue
By working on solutions together as the humble eco-save crew;
Face the eco-truth and teach our future generations
To show gratitude through actions to the mother of all nations.


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