Georgia O’Keeffe Flower

Georgia O’Keeffe was an American painter who was known for her paintings of enlarged flowers.


  • A4-size thick drawing sheet
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Black, yellow and brown marker
  • Oil pastels


  • Holding an A4 size paper horizontally, draw a circle with the pencil as shown.
  • Then, draw a line that has curves and moves to the right. Complete it by drawing another line from the centre circle. Join the earlier line drawn at the tip to form a petal.
  • Then draw 2 lines in the middle of the petal.
  • Similarly, draw 2 more petals. Then draw 2 lines coming out from between the second and third petal to form the stem.
  • Complete the remaining 3 petals as shown in the picture. In between the fifth and sixth petal, draw the remaining part of the stem with 3 buds on it.
  • Use a black marker for the outline and erase the pencil lines, if any. Then add lines and ovals in the centre as shown.
  • Use a yellow marker to colour the circle, the borders and the middle lines of the petals. Use a brown marker for the lines and ovals drawn in the centre.
  • Use oil pastels to shade the inside of the petals. In the picture, the petal to the right has been shaded starting with red at the bottom of the petal and orange on top.
  • Blend yellow, orange and red for the second petal as shown. Shade all the remaining petals in the same way. Shade the stem using dark green and light green.
  • Shade the buds with light green and yellow. Draw short lines on them using brown colour.
  • To finish, use a black oil pastel to draw dots on the bottoms of the petals, which are attached to the centre.

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