What you need to do to build a career as an ichthyologist.

An ichthyologist is a person who studies different species of fish and marine organisms. Ichthyologists observe and study the behaviour, biology, growth, reproductive patterns and history of fish and use their research to breed and harvest fish.

To be an ichthyologist one must complete:

  • Class 12 in science
  • 3-year bachelor’s degree (BSc) in marine biology or zoology
  • 2-year master’s degree (MSc) in marine biology or zoology
  • PhD in marine biology or zoology

Career Options: An ichthyologist can work in a museum, a conservation organisation, a research institute, a fish hatchery, a fish farm or a university.
Job Roles: Curator, conservationist, marine biologist, fish production scientist, fisheries biologist and professor.

REFLECTION: Fishy Studies

Name any 5 animals an ichthyologist would study.


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