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Christmas is celebrated all over the world on December 25 to honour the birth of Jesus Christ. People of all ages, but especially children, look forward to Christmas as a season of joy, love and cheer. Santa Claus and his little helpers, called elves, are an important part of this festival as they bring gifts to children and fulfil their wishes. Children love Santa and look forward to receiving Christmas presents from him. SCARLETT RODRIGUES spoke to a few RobinAgers to find out what gift they would like from Santa this year.

December 16, 2022

Riyana Gandhi
Junior Kindergarten, Little Flower Kindergarten, Mumbai

This year, I want legging palazzos and a game related to small words. I love to dress up well. And as I am just learning to spell, I want a game that will boost my imagination and help me to spell small words.

Lewis Dickson
Senior Kindergarten, Georges Vanier Catholic School, Toronto, Canada

For Christmas, I want a remote-controlled Corvette and a remote-controlled Ferrari Formula One car from Santa. I want them because I love cars and these cars are cool and fast!

Gleydon Serrao
Class 1, Vidya Vikas Academy, Goa

I love the month of December because I get to meet Santa Claus and receive a lot of gifts from him. First of all, I would like to thank Santa for giving me my two front teeth, which I have been asking for since last year. This year, I would like to have a remote-controlled aeroplane as I enjoy flying toy planes. When I grow up, I will become a pilot and fly a real plane.

Shanaya Gandhi
Class 2, Carmel of St Joseph School, Mumbai

I want LEGO blocks this Christmas. I am very creative and like building new things. I wish to build buildings, houses and monuments. I think these blocks will improve my creativity and intelligence.

Vedika D’Souza
Class 3, GEMS Modern Academy, Dubai

I have been a good girl this year and I wish Santa would give me a moving robotic cat this Christmas. I love animals, especially cats, but I can’t get a real one because I have an allergy.

Raul Miranda
Class 3, Birla Public School, Doha, Qatar

This year, I want a lot of fancy toys from Santa. I love dinosaurs and want Jurassic World’s Mega Egg Surprise, a Medium Egg Surprise and a Tiny Egg Surprise. I want the Jurassic eggs because I love to play with them and it is my hobby to collect them. It is fun to crack open these eggs. They have numerous puzzles and mysteries that have to be solved before the dino is assembled. I also want a Harry Potter LEGO kit, so I can assemble it.

Genelle Serrao
Class 4, Vidya Vikas Academy, Goa

I am very excited about Santa’s visit this year. I have made all the Christmas preparations and decorated the tree. I hope I am in Santa’s list of ‘good children’. This year, I wish Santa gifts me a toy reindeer. I would also love it if all the children in the world would get something for Christmas.

Leah Miranda
Class 6, Birla Public School, Doha, Qatar

This Christmas, I want something very different from the previous years’ gifts I’ve asked from Santa and I hope the elves will be able to make it. This year, I want a donation box, which I will use to save money that I will donate to the orphans in Goa in 2023. I have visited the orphanage many times and I am sure that the money donated will bring joy and happiness to the children. My little brother Marc wants 50 superhero helium balloons from Santa. He wants to use them to fly to the orphanage to give the donation box.

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