Let the Children Blossom: Manivannan Ganapathy

Given the fast pace at which the world is changing, our education system needs to prepare children to take initiative and adapt to new situations. The Waldorf education system does just that. It works towards healing life on Earth and infusing humankind with a living spirit. It focuses on the study of a human being, with deep insights into child development through the 12 senses, seven cycles of development, four temperaments, the evolution of consciousness, the karmas of vocation and more. SHYAMALA M IYER speaks to Manivannan Ganapathy, founder, trustee and mentor of the Kingdom of Childhood, a school that follows the Steiner Waldorf educational system, to know more.

Image Source: kingdomofchildhood.com Who started the Waldorf education system?  Rudolf Steiner was a 19th-century Austrian-born German philosopher. He was the German general secretary of the Theosophical Movement, founded in India by Annie Besant. Emil Molt, a philanthropist who owned the Wal
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