Letter from the Editor: January 01, 2023

As we bid 2022 adieu and cherish the memories and lessons it gave us, we step into a brand-new year filled with new opportunities, new challenges and another chance to be the best version of ourselves.

While we might have dealt with disappointments, regrets and failures in the last year, the new year presents us with many new opportunities to right our wrongs and gives us a fresh start. It is important for us to start the year with gratitude, appreciating the fact that we have the chance to experience more of life.

As we begin 2023, we must take some time to reflect on the past year and the lessons it taught us that surely made us wiser and will prove useful down the road. We should thank our loved ones who stood by our side through thick and thin and have played an important role in shaping us.

In the new year, we have the chance to improve different aspects of our life and engage in new activities. We can make small but meaningful changes in our life, like being kind to ourselves and others, picking up a new hobby, learning a new skill, spending more quality time with family, eating healthy food and developing healthy habits. And most importantly, we can do our bit to safeguard the future of our Earth, our home. The simplest solution is to follow the 3Rs. Reduce your waste. Reuse the products you can. Recycle everything you can—things like water used to wash vegetables can easily be recycled to water plants. And of course, SAY NO to plastic. It is not only clogging drains, but also being eaten by animals and the fish in the oceans.

It is important that we stay positive, patient and perseverant while keeping our new year’s resolutions. Finally, yet importantly, we should keep our heart open to the joy, love, adventures and experiences that life brings us and face any challenge with positivity, hope and wisdom.

The entire RobinAge team wishes you a happy, healthy and exciting 2023.


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