Loss and Help

Eden D’souza, Class 9, The Ardee School, Goa

Blood. Blood everywhere. Blood splattered on the walls like some twisted form of artwork. Corpses on the floor, red baked on their body. The retched stench of decay wafting down my throat and my eyes stinging like acid. Salty tears running down my face as I looked at my dead family looking up at me with their dead eyes, telling me why I wasn’t here with them, why didn’t I help them. My phone is clutched between my hand as I had just finished calling the police. I still couldn’t believe my eyes. Who could have done this, why would they want to kill my family. My knees buckled under me as I dropped onto the floor hearing sirens behind. The police are here.

“There you are.” Said my significant other as they run towards me. Relief washed over me as they are standing in front of me, I took of my blanket that the police gave me and rushed to hug them. They returned the hug as I was crying on their chest. We stayed like that for some time, I am glad that they are here, I want to stay like this forever unaware of what’s going on around me. “Thank god you’re alright I was so worried once you texted me and saw the police here,” he said while looking around “What happened?” I looked up at them, my voice hoarse as I stuttered “My family was murdered. I came back from university, and I saw their lifeless bodies on the floor.” Their eyes widened as I explained. “Hey, once this is all done you can stay with me if you want to. You can stay for as long as you want.” They said softly, I nodded contently. “I want justice for my family. I want the killer to be on trial.” I say determined, looking directly into their eyes. “Are you going to therapy?” that question surprised me as I did not expect it. They must have realised my reaction and quickly spluttered “That is if you want too. I don’t want to push you into anything you don’t want to. I just want what’s best for you and only you know what that is.” I contemplated on what he said and replied “I will go to therapy, just not now. I still need some time to deal with all of this. I want to have a funeral for them before I start going.” They smiled at me and squeezed me tight understanding my decision.

I look up at the afternoon sky as I hugged my lover. Clouds scattered around some with shapes, some not. I wonder if my family is happy up there if they are looking out for me. I promise I will bring you justice. I see the police walking towards us as they are discussing the scene. I prepare myself for whatever questions they have because I know I have my lover. And with them I know I can conquer anything.


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