Nature vs Nurture

Priyana Jain, Class 10, Smt. Sulochanadevi Singhania School, Thane

Sparing a glance at the unkempt drawers, I perceived the frantic state of the earth. Melting icecaps made for increasingly lower valleys, the stars had bid farewell to the sun and never made an excursion to visit again and the crisp air had morphed into wisps of undulating smoke which made way for complexities in respiring. This sorry state formed by the very hands of it’s duplicit customer, appealed a symphony of aid, coercing me to open my chest of finite resources and liberate this dystopia from its grief and hardships.

Without fear of infamy I answer it, stitching up the ozone layer with undulating threads which bind the skies together. Whisking up the pollutants which make the earth bleed, I place them in Dante’s Inferno, miles away from the creatures at the apex of the food chain. Blinding beauty poured out of every crevice and every alley, the earth emerged as a bewitching haven – the meandering rivers reflecting the air like monochromatic colours from the same prisms. The verdant landscapes settled into patterns with the picturesque petals of exquisite flowers. I looked away for a minute moment and was shocked at what I seemed to perceive.

Shards of the charcoal coloured smoke were leaking into the atmosphere, the oceans were filling with plastic and the ground was being poisoned. All of my hard work was for naught. My masterpiece was a ruin. I perceived humans everywhere littering and polluting their planet. My drawer of resources would not be able to help, similar outcomes would be borne every single time. My disdain of the selfish, standoffish beings was at an all time high. Anger spewed inside my every nerve and every vertebrae and I was livid beyond means. I threw hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, wildfires and every other natural disaster imaginable possible, at the ungrateful humans till there was nobody left.

Tearing the earth apart to shreds, I glanced at it for one final time, satisfied with my work. I installed an unhackneyed, contemporary ecosystem devoid of humans to lead it to tragedy.


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