Orange Aliens on Earth

Namya Gupta, Class 6, Nahar International School, Mumbai

Some aliens had crash-landed on Earth. They looked like humans but had orange skin.

It was a normal day, until…

Vita was trying to fix their crashed spaceship from the outside, with her best friend Zosia. They had been stuck on Earth for a month, trying to fix their spacecraft to go back home.

Vita was watching a movie on her sunglasses while using auto-functioning gloves that made her hand move in the way they needed to for fixing something.
“I’m really bored,” Zosia announced.
Vita took her sunglasses off, automatically pausing the movie. “How about we go inside the spacecraft and explore?” she asked.
“Shhh!” Zosia hissed. She glanced around. “I’d love to, but we need to make sure no one sees us!”
Vita grinned. They both turned on the protection shields on their clothes, put on their night vision goggles, and ducked inside whatever was remaining of the door.

Hardly anything was intact. The spacecraft was so big that even with thousands of people working on it, they hadn’t even started repairing the interior. They were starting to wonder if they would ever make it off Earth.

All their devices for navigation, nuclear fission, and chemical testing were crushed. No one knew how this particular research science team’s spacecraft had crashed, as there had been so many safety precautions.

They moved towards the control room. Both the pilots had died before they could use their jetpacks to get out.
Vita stepped in first, into…
Bright light.
She yelped in fright and jumped back. Slowly, she removed her night vision glasses and peeked inside.
“Ah, Vita,” the fighter robot said. “Just the person I’ve been waiting for.”
“Who are you?” Zosia yelled from behind Vita.
The robot laughed. “Have they not told you anything?” he asked. “I am the leader of the AI. We nearly took over your world. But you…” he pointed at Vita. “Your dad defeated us. I am here for revenge.”
They screamed as the robot raised his auto-shoot gun.
“RUN!” Vita yelled, not thinking straight. The two friends ran out of the spacecraft.
“Zosia? Vita? What’s wrong? And why did you go inside the ship?” Zosia’s mom asked.
“We wanted to explore and found this AI leader who was slowing our progress!” Zosia explained.
Vita’s mom came running up to them. “Vita, I never told you. Your dad made this. Use it!” She handed Vita a ring.
Just then, the leader of the AI found them.
Vita took a deep breath. She pointed her index finger at him, and laser shot out of her ring, turning the robot into ash.
Zosia slowly turned to Vita. “Let’s not do any more adventures.”
“Yeah,” Vita agreed. “Let’s not.”

That day, they made more progress than they had the entire month since they’d crashed on Earth, and things were finally looking up. Maybe they would be able to go back home after all.


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