The Red Wizard

Paarth Jain, Class 4, Bombay Scottish School Powai, Mumbai

Quirky the goblin was going to a restaurant with his friends. He was wearing his finest suit and best jeans. All the goblins of Humberville were going to the restaurant which was called The Red Wizard. It was a restaurant with high-quality food and service. Quirky had never gone there before and he was very excited.

Quirky was finally ready. He left for the restaurant with his best friend Lurky. Imagine how excited they were when in less than a minute they spotted the flashing sign of The Red Wizard!

Quirky and Lurky stepped into the restaurant. There were shouts of “Quirky and Lurky has come!” and “Yay! Quirky and Lurky finally arrived!” Everybody rushed to hug them both. Tippy the goblin rushed to the waiter shouting “We want 58 pizzas and 47 burgers at Table 4!”

Soon the food arrived. There was a mad rush as every goblin tried to grab the biggest slice of pizza and the fattest burger. Quirky somehow managed to get 8 pizzas and 9 burgers. He gobbled all of them as fast as he could and grabbed another 4 pizzas and 3 burgers. Meanwhile, Lurky had got 7 pizzas and 10 burgers and a second round of 6 pizzas
and 4 burgers.

There were some small games after the food. Long-Beard the goblin realized that Quirky and Lurky weren’t playing with them. He glanced at the table to check and saw two enormous balls sitting on the chairs. He looked closer and realized they were none other than Quirky and Lurky! They were paralyzed and not able to move at all.

Long-Beard told the restaurant owner what must have happened and how much they had eaten. The restaurant owner advised Quirky and Lurky to eat healthy food more and junk food only in moderation. After that, Quirky and Lurky somehow rolled out of the restaurant and sat outside.

So, the next time you visit Humberville and see two enormous goblins sitting outside The Red Wizard, ask them if their names are Quirky and Lurky!


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