Rural Manager

What you need to do to build a career as a rural manager.

A rural manager studies situations in rural areas and plans and implements projects and schemes that will develop such areas. A rural manager works to bring about improvement in agriculture, water and power supply, transport and other sectors.

To be a rural manager one must complete:

  • Class 12 in any stream
  • 3-year bachelor’s degree in any stream
  • 2-year master’s degree in rural development (MSc or MA in rural development)
  • Post-graduate diploma and certificate courses in rural development

Career Options: A rural manager can work in the central or state government, companies working in agriculture or related businesses, infrastructure or other companies undertaking projects in rural areas, cooperatives and non-governmental organisations (NGO).
Job Roles: Rural development officer, programme specialist–agriculture, business development executive, research head, rural project manager and business development manager.

REFLECTION: Town Management

Why is the work of a rural manager important?


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