How RobinAge Helps Parents

RobinAge has been created with the purpose of providing children with positive edutainment. Children fall in love with RobinAge’s diverse content, bright colours, interactive sections and glossy look! However, that’s not the only reason parents subscribe to RobinAge. We spoke to a few subscribers’ parents to see how RobinAge has helped their children and them!

Chetana Sudhakar, Bengaluru
“RobinAge has helped my child in many ways. It’s a great paper as it provides my child with all the information he would need and relieves me of the stress of researching for his project work. He gets brilliant ideas from the paper. He collects a lot of relevant matter from the paper and uses it for something or the other. We also give the paper to the children from a nearby municipal school. The children over there love reading RobinAge too.”

Vaishali Shukla, Mumbai
“Indeed RobinAge has helped me and my daughter as a lot of information is provided in the paper. My daughter has grown very fond of the newspaper in these few years and I can see that it has really helped her. It gives us unusual and fascinating ideas. Other than this, RobinAge has also helped my daughter in various subjects as she uses all the pictures and information. She has done a lot of projects based on topics in the paper and has won many prizes and got excellent remarks from her teachers in school.”

Sonal Khandpur, Gujarat
“I encourage my son to read RobinAge instead of wasting time doing nothing. He is equally fond of the paper, which is very informative. It has helped my son in projects, general knowledge and a lot more and therefore it is helpful to me as it answers questions that I don’t have the answers to. My son also tries the recipes given in RobinAge, which is great fun.”

Madhu Patel, Mumbai
“The ideas in RobinAge on various topics like craft, art and a lot of other things are very beneficial for my child. RobinAge has also helped me encourage my son to write for the paper. He collects a lot of information on current affairs from RobinAge and uses most of the matter in his projects. It is a resourceful paper.”

Purnima Goswami Sharma, Mumbai
“We have been subscribing to RobinAge since it started and it has definitely helped my daughter to a great extent. I have seen my daughter’s writing skills improve as she gets encouragement and motivation from RobinAge. It is also very helpful in school projects. As a parent, I too enjoy reading RobinAge and discovering what is happening in the world of kids.”

Garima Gupta, Uttar Pradesh
“RobinAge is a wonderful newspaper for children and carries all sorts of information for children as young as seven years and as old as 15 years. RobinAge has helped my child improve her vocabulary and also keeps her updated with current affairs. I have seen her benefit by reading this paper, which is good since I want to see my child grow into a complete personality. We read RobinAge as soon as we get it and try finishing it as soon as possible as we are always eager to read what’s new in the paper. RobinAge also gives great ideas for project work.”

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