Textile Designer

What you need to do to build a career as a textile designer.

A textile designer creates designs to be printed or woven onto a variety of fabrics. 

To be a textile designer, one must complete:

  • Class 12 in any stream
  • 3-year bachelor’s degree in textile design (BA, BSc or BDes in textile design)
  • 2-year master’s degree in textile design (MA, MSc or MDes in textile design)
  • Diplomas, postgraduate diplomas and certificate courses in textile design are also available.

Career Options: A textile designer can either freelance or take up a full-time job in a fashion designing firm, a garment manufacturing company, a textile manufacturing company, an export house or a retail company.
Job Roles: Textile designer, pattern maker, weaving artist, home furnishings designer, design consultant, surface designer and embroidery designer.


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