The Christmas Circus

Atindra Mazumdar, Class 5, Bridge International School, Kolkata

Winters are always fun and full of joy. It is glorious. We all decorate Christmas trees and put-up stockings near the fireplace. We put a bowl full of cookies on the windowsill and it is always the opposite of sadness and sorrow. And I always have fun on Christmas because I can get up to all kinds of mishaps. I’ll tell you the story of what I did on 25/12/2015. I woke up at 9:00 A.M which was neither too late, nor too early. There was a cool misty air of -40 centigrade outside my house. There was snow as far as the eye can see outside my house. My first victim was Jacks Bludson, the kid who bullies me. I knocked on his door. The moment he opened his door, I threw eggs at him. The eggs crashed into him like bullets. There was egg white and yolk all over his body. His nose was full of it. I skipped breakfast and enjoyed my new books. Then, lunch came. During Christmas lunch, everyone in my family had to prepare a speech but I forgot! Oh no! I was caught in the spiderweb! After 2 min- which seemed like two seconds- shot by, I got the perfect thing to say. “Alright Everyone!” Then I had to scram. Then, I pulled a quite peculiar prank. My mother opened the door which tore some string which caused a chain reaction on my dominoes and when the last one fell, that dropped some potassium into a bowl of water which then exploded. After the chemical reaction, my mother’s face was as black as pure coal. During Dinner, I threw oil onto the stairs. Everyone was coming down the stairs in a hurry, so, they slipped and fell one-by-one. They landed on the ground in a heap. Finally, I opened my presents. I got everything I wanted. I pulled off my last prank of the day. While my sister was sleeping, I taped a firecracker to her back and when it was morning, I told her to go for a walk. I quickly lit a match and lit the firecracker. She went soaring into the sky and the firecracker burst. I had to bear many consequences after that but I had fun! THE END

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