The Endless Counting

Samriddha Biswas, Class 5, Techno India Group Public School, Garia, Kolkata

Once there was a beautiful white owl named Whitty. Though he was pretty, he was a bit foolish too. When he was a baby, his parents had said him “One day you’ll be very big. You’ll touch the sky and count the stars.” The owl heard the second line and now at night he roams the sky and counts the stars. In the morning he sits on the topmost branch of a Banyan tree. Whitty’s parents had also said “Talk wisely with everyone. Don’t talk if not needed.” He had again heard the second sentence and so much fool obidient he was that he never talks to anybody though the other animals of the jungle praise his beauty. He had never said a Thank You to anyone also.

One day at night as usual Whitty started counting “11245, 11246, 11247…..” But this time it was much louder and others were getting irritated. Many requested him to stop but no response from Whitty. All of them were exhausted hearing his endless counting. So the next morning, a whole animal group marched to the nearby Sage. They together said “Oh Sage! Please help us!” The Giraffe said “Our Whitty owl of the jungle counts the stars of the night sky everyday and never talks to anybody. And……………..” then he narrated the whole story. The Sage replied “Okay! I’ll go with you all.”

After walking a few hours the sage reached the jungle. He chanted a mantra and called Whitty down. He took four days to teach Whitty all the basic things. The sage lastly said to him “You know almost everything, Whitty. One thing is left that stars are endless in numbers so stop counting them.” This line struck Whitty’s mind. The sage said him “Unknowingly you had efforted a lot in counting the stars so I bless you that your passing generations will be able to see very well at night than day. Also white owls will be thought as lucky.”
From that day on Whitty became totally changed and started loving and talking with others.


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