The War Planet of Acheron

Adhyayan Sharma, Class 10, Learning Paths School

Recently a new planet with alienated life was discovered by the scientist of Earth. They found out that two species ruled the entire food chain. Advanced human tech integrated war spaceships were under construction to colonize the planet.
It was 2050, the earth was on the path to extinction. Global Warming has taken over the whole planet. Around one-third of the coastal areas throughout the globe were submerged. Humanity was facing the worst crisis of all time. The underprivileged were increased and only a handful of people had access to food and shelter. The only good things during this period were a vast technological improvement and a controlled population on the sacrifice of the existing resources.

Another good thing that happened in the past years was globalization. Nearly every company in the world with a similar sector, goal, or field had merged together. The formation of a ‘World Government’ had also taken place. People were united throughout the globe.

The space agencies had also merged and the finest of aerospace engineers were working on the project. Exceptional astronauts were to be selected for the first mission of establishing contact.

The crew for this mission would constitute members finest in their fields. Their mission was to observe the planet, interact with the alienated species (if possible) and come back with a blood sample for research purposes. There were three crew members in number.

Arthur, a 35-year-old British fellow, was the captain of this crew. He was a well-educated man and excelled in nearly every field. He was a tall white man, with blue eyes and a chiseled jawline, and long hair. The most prominent thing about him was the premium cigars that he smokes. No matter what the time, or what is the situation, a cigar was always in his mouth. He had a calm attitude and an IQ level of more than 300. His quick thinking and leadership skills made him eligible for this post. He thought the world was completely opposite of the world.
He was always mocked for his name at the workplace because he was too old.

The second member of the crew was Nicole, a 28-year-old Phillipen woman. She had small black eyes and a slim face. She had long dark hair that was generally open all the time. She was the pilot of the ship. Her piloting skills were inhuman. Despite her looks, she was a strong woman.

The last member of the crew was a young prodigy who had knowledge of everything. He was the smartest man alive on the planet. Xay, a 19-year-old American lad, had 7 different degrees. He achieved his first college degree at the age of five and the rest was history. He was the tech support of the crew. He had green eyes and golden brown hair with a chiseled jawline adding to his looks. The two most distinctive features about him were the quantum laptop that he carried with him and cans of aerated drinks.

Two more members were allotted to this crew later for the safety of the crew. They were the twins, Jake and Jame. They possessed monstrous strength. Both of them were mere blockheads and acted immaturely. But when it was, wars were the real deal. James and Jake were 32-year-old adults. Besides their monstrous strength, they possessed large bodies. The spaceships were specially customized for the J- twins.

They were brought to the ‘World Governments Office’. Three of the leaders of this organization who represented money, power, and intelligence gave them the orders to clearly kill anyone if they possessed a threat.

All nominees were trained simultaneously. The training sessions happened at ungodly hours. The rest of the scientists were astonished to observe the inhuman abilities all of them possessed.

It was about the time when they had to leave for the planet. The space agencies had decided on Arthur and his crew to name the planet. All of them sat inside the spaceship. These modern warfare spaceships required no support system. They ran on nuclear energy. A nuclear fusion engine reactor was the core of the spaceships. It was like a heart to the spaceship, constantly powering it. Nicole began the countdown and within a few moments, their spaceship vanished into thin air.

It took around 6 months for them to cross the solar system. The crew was completely fearless. They were striving ahead with pride and honor, in spite of knowing that this might be their last trip. It was about time that they were to reach the planet. It was a greenish-blue planet, similar to Earth. They landed after a long journey of 2 years and set their foot on land after a long time.

The planet had a large number of trees. Unlike the stereotypical alien planets having only one biome, this one had a variety of them. It was Arthur’s first words to his crew while stretching his neck, “Hey bloody idiots. Don’t mess it up. Or else the boss is gonna kill us.”

Everyone was astonished to hear his voice for the first time. Throughout the trip, Arthur had either been sleeping or playing video games. Xay replied in a British accent, “ Oh you could speak. I thought you were mute.” This pissed off Arthur but he kept his calm and he laughed.

He suddenly showed a change of tone and gave a death stare and said, “ I’ll kill you if you pissed me off again”.

He ordered the crew to head forward without any rest. Despite the irony, they had to follow the orders. Nicole turned the stealth mode on and the ship vanished into the thin air. Arthur ordered Xay in an arrogant voice, “ Young brat, check for the atmospheric composition. I want to take this helmet off. More importantly, I want to smoke my cigars ”
Xay cursed in Filipino and Nicole burst into laughter. On the other hand, the rest of the crew was clueless.

Xay’s research was over in the blink of an eye. He informed everyone that the atmospheric composition is somewhat similar to that of the earth. Everyone took off their helmets. Arthur took out his cigar and started smoking it. Nicole heard a hustle near a bush and informed everyone.
The mood of the conversation changed. Arthur ordered everyone, “ Get your armors on! We’ll end him if he poses any threat to us.”

Everyone tapped on their suits and the armor made up of nanotechnology covered them. Everyone pulled out their weapons. Arthur carried a laser gun, and Nicole was accompanied by her two laser swords on which Xay commented, “ Oh Starwars?” J-Twins had two gauntlets made up of the alloy of the hardest metal to sustain their demonic strength. Xay exclaimed with fear, “ Oh shit. I guess I should head back to the ship. I don’t have any weapons!” Everyone stared at him and Arthur commented, “ Oh you were a prodigy, right?”

This pissed Xay off and he went back to ship and within a minute was back with an advanced drone he carried with him for any mishap. It was no ordinary drone. It was integrated with all the latest technology and was strong enough to destroy a nation in a few hours.
With everyone ready. Everyone headed towards the hustle nearby.

Arthur was the first one to look at the alien species. He immediately took their pics for the log and then plugged in the universal translator. He immediately signaled everyone behind him to stop. But J- twins couldn’t understand the sign and thought of attacking the aliens.

Arthur threw the cigar from his mouth as he was amused to see them react in the completely opposite way. Arthur shouted, “ You bloody morons. You blockheads, what have you done.”

Deaths of the alien species were not a problem. Those two demons had already swiped a bunch of aliens.

The rest of them retreated.
Arthur was surprised to see them running in opposite directions, although they seemed to be an intellectual species. For the time being Arthur asked his crew to retreat. All of them reached the spaceship.

Arthur was facing a mix of emotions. Xay was busy flirting with Nicole and the J- twins were clueless.

Arthur came back in a minute and said, “ Guys this might be serious. I analyzed everything in chronological order and we might have ( clears throat) started a war” Nicole and Xay responded at the same time, saying, “ Oh hell no!” Jake asked if they would get to which Arthur gave a death stare.

No word was uttered out of anyone’s mouth. Xay broke the silence and said, “ Arthur, can you elaborate on the situation?”

To which Arthur replied, “ Ya, sure. I suspect the two of the ones that these morons killed were someone from the royal family. A point to be noted was that they belonged to two different species. One of them seemed to be adapted to aquatic life.”

Xay replied by agreeing to Arthur with a sigh. They all decided to report this to the World Government as soon as possible.

But within the next few moments, a huge war broke out. This inter-specie war was nothing like wars on Earth. At this moment everyone realized the severity of the situation. Xay said, “Oops… It’s too late”

The war had taken a severe turn. Within a span of a few days, the war ended with the death of the majority of the species. Arthur had something else in his mind. He had found a golden bait for himself. He was planning to trade the planet with the World Government for a sum of 5000 billion dollars.
He went ahead and cleared the whole planet. Nicole was unsatisfied with Arthurs’s actions and the crew broke into the fight. Xay used this opportunity to settle his score with Arthur.
Then Jake said, “ Guys stop. Did you see what war did to them?” Jame said “ Wars aren’t the solution. They make the matter worse.”

Everyone was astonished to hear the blockheads speak wise words. It turned out that their father fought a war but died in vain. Just for the satisfaction and self-content of serving the country for nothing but useless political quarrels.

Arthur still wasn’t convinced and wanted to accumulate large profits to enjoy the rest of his life. He turned his weapon towards the crew and fired at full power.

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