The Water Alien

Riyya Bhatt, Class 3, Homeschooling, Mumbai

One evening, Jai and Lata were fishing in their boat. Lata’s fishing rod hit something heavier than a fish.

“What is it? Pull it up,” Jai asked. Lata pulled it and… it was an alien! It looked like a squid but it had four eyes.

The duo were staring at the alien, when it blurted out, “Hey! If you can, help my friends! They die out of garbage, and you’re the cause!”

They didn’t want to talk, but Jai did, hesitantly. “Who are your friends?”
The alien worridely said, “Fish, the ones you guys eat for dinner. They don’t only die because of that, but also because of garbage.”

Lata leaned in the dirty water. She saw garbage everywhere.

The alien, alarmed, yelled, “Nooooo! My fish friend, one of them, got trapped and will die soon because of a plastic ring!”

Jai and Lata, also worried, jumped off their boat and onto the dock. It was difficult freeing the fish; it was stuck to the surface. It swam away, scared.

The alien was helpless. “My name is X210, by the way. I wish I could stay here, but I can’t. I just advise you, tell your parents about me. Ask others how would it feel if their houses were being littered. Our home is being dumped.”

Jai and Lata promised, and said sadly, “We know your home is being littered. We’ll try to protect it.”
X210 explained, “The water bodies are too big for just two humans. We need everyone.”

Jai and Lata did what he said and always protected the water.


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